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Sunway Hospitality, formerly Sunway Hotel Group is a full-service hotel development company providing hotel management, hotel development, hotel consulting and hotel accounting services.


Since 1983, Sunway Hospitality has successfully increased the value and the performance of a wide range of hotels from large, full-service operations to small budget inns.





Sunway Hospitality is an experienced, well-disciplined and highly innovative hotel management company. Dedicated to providing hotel owners, lenders and investors unparalleled performance, Sunway Hospitality structures its services to the needs of its individual clients.


Our services can be utilized on a full-service or selective basis.





Because Sunway Hospitality has owned and managed hotels, it understands the urgency of managing hotel properties for long-term and short-term performance. Sunway Hospitality believes that the key to successful hotel management is superior hotel managers and staff, as well as exceptional managerial talent and experience within its own organization.


Sunway Hospitality is structured as a lean, efficient company without extra layers of middle management. Every member of the Sunway Hospitality team is a hands-on decision maker.