Sunway Hospitality personnel have experience managing and operating hotels in various locations throughout the United States. Our team understands that successfully operating a hotel requires a clear understanding of the hotel owner’s short and long-term goals as well as the needs of the guests.


We strive to manage the hotel operations, hotel staff, and hotel finances using best practices designed to meet and exceed the needs of both owner and guests.


Sunway Hospitality currently operates hotels in several states throughout the United States and has experience with most major franchise brands including: Hilton, Choice, Marriott, and Holiday Inn.


Fresh Start Hospitality, LLC

Sunway Hotel Management Inc. demonstrated flexibility not only with our special requests, but also with delivery dates.


Tonkawa Enterprises

I would work with Sunway Hospitality again without hesitation should another project within their scope of work be needed.

Executive VP

Boulder Hotel Management Company, LLC

Sunway has the owner’s interests as their top priority and that was apparent with their handling of this project.

Sam Kumar

Del Sol RR LLC

Representatives were easily accessible via phone or email and quickly responded to our requests.


I would not hesitate to recommend Sunway’s professional services as we look forward to working with Sunway Hospitality on our future projects.

BJ Shrestha

Diamond Star SR LLC

It is my pleasure to recommend Sunway Hospitality FF&E services.


Sunway Hospitality organized the brand approval process, ordering, delivery of our two Holiday Inn Express projects in El Paso, TX. Their professional support and assistance on these projects demonstrated flexibility and a commitment to our needs and special requests.

Sunway Hospitality